A fresh start

A few months back, I switched web hosting providers. And if you’ve stopped by the site at any time since, you’ve noticed a “hello world” post on a blank WordPress 2014 template. The problem? My technical knowledge is rudimentary, at best, and figuring out the structure of a WordPress site and its accompanying SQL database seems to be beyond me.

So I’ve been struggling to get the site backup … well, back up. So far, no luck, but staring at nothing but the template with no new content was making me a bit cranky. For now, until I can pull old posts out of the backup and get them onto the site again, my site is getting a fresh start.

Of course, if you’re reading this some time in the future, there may be all kinds of posts from the past few years, but as of today, this is the first post on the blog.

So let’s go with a “what’s new with Chris” theme for this post. Here are a few things that I’ve been up to lately:

  • It’s coming up on two years since I first started writing for Talkin’ Cloud. If you’re not already reading the site for fresh content about the world of cloud computing, now’s your chance to start.
  • I became the first male student and graduate of the Alberta School of Dog Grooming. The school is based out of Leduc, Alberta, where I spent three months learnings the ins and outs of dog grooming (with an intro to cat grooming thrown in by the school’s president).
  • At the end of May, after returning from my 12 weeks in Leduc, I opened Blues Pet Grooming. Like it on Facebook. It’s turning into a full-service grooming shop that currently only does dogs, but will soon provide some cat grooming services, as well.
  • In late June, I took the first big step towards getting serious about playing the harmonica. I attended the Shared Harvest Harmonica Retreat Weekend in Dunnville, Ontario, where I learned from Adam Gussow, Jerome Godboo and Carlos del Junco — all highly talented harmonica players. Since then, I have started taking private lessons with Carlos via Skype.

Thanks for reading, all! Look forward to more updates soon — and hopefully a return of the old content, as well.

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