In which I begin the silliness of posting videos of myself playing musical instruments … poorly

Not that I’ve ever actually wanted to be a professional musician, but I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument. When I was a kid, I took guitar lessons for three years. I didn’t practice enough. Today, I own three guitars (two in storage in Pickering; one up here). I can play a few chords and do a touch of blues improvisation, but to actually play? Not so much.

Nearly four years ago, I took an interest in the harmonica. It removed the problems of having to tune the damn instrument — something I could never do with my guitar as a teenager, but a problem I don’t seem to have today (go figure). I’ve purchased several diatonic harmonicas since. My practice harp, the one I throw in my pocket and play without brushing my teeth first, is a Hohner Blues Harp, and it’s what you’re about to see/hear (well, if you click on the following videos).

In an attempt to force myself to practice and get better, I’ve started shooting video of myself playing and posting it to YouTube. Here are the first two videos.

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