Thirteen months (and then some)

A little more than 13 months ago, I switched careers. About a week or two back, I would have celebrated a year since my last freelance writing assignment was submitted.

Since then, I have written very little. My blog has been dead quiet. I haven’t pounded out an article, conducted an interview or even tried my hand at a short story.

I no longer refer to myself as “a writer.” For several months now, “I used to be a writer.”

I still feel that way. It’s past-tense. It’s something I used to do.

I don’t miss it. Honestly.

But after 13 months away from it, some of that creativity I used to have — y’know, before I started to hate my job — is coming back. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had ideas for several projects. Books. YouTube series. Newspapers.

I’ve also started fueling my creativity into music — guitar, mostly, but I’m coming back to the harmonica after becoming extremely frustrated with the instrument.

Today, I attended the Fall Blues Harmonica Summit, hosted by Ronnie Shellist, Richard Sleigh and Dennis Gruenling. The session provided me with some fresh optimism about my own creativity, which I feel more and more lies in the direction of playing music.

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