Arriving on a jet plane

13237875_10154058643105428_5384414794213255961_nAlmost since I moved to the Northwest Territories — yes, even before I bought a car — I had plans to eventually drive all the way back across the country to Toronto. It was supposed to be an epic road trip in addition to having the practical purpose of getting the rest of my belongings out of storage.

It took more than four years before the opportunity finally presented itself. I left Fort Smith on Tuesday, May 24 and arrived in Edmonton the following evening. On the Friday, I was up early, left River Cree (yes, that’s the casino) and headed for the airport to pick up my travel companion.

Roger (or Dad, as I usually call him) was waiting for me at arrivals when I got to the airport. He had flown in that morning from Toronto to help me make the cross-country drive.

It was a busy time at arrivals, so there was little time for pleasantries. He tossed his backpack into the back seat, hopped in, we exchanged quick greetings and we were off.

First stop? The gas bar just on the outskirts of the airport so we could take a selfie (definitely my idea; Dad’s not so much into the selfie generation). The intention had been to take a selfie at every city and provincial border along the way, but with the weather the way it was, I ended up taking very few selfies throughout the trip.

It was overcast. It was a little foggy. And it was pissing rain. But we were ready to begin our trip across the prairies. The crappy weather followed us all the way to Southern Ontario.

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