Why can’t windshields be made out of stronger substances?

When I bought a car a year after moving to the Northwest Territories, I started to hear horror stories about chipped and cracked windshields. What I didn’t know at the time was that first windshield in my 2013 Ford Escape wouldn’t take a single hit point of damage from any rocks or pebbles in the NWT.

Alberta was responsible for every single one.

Actually, I blame Edmonton. Each time a rock hit my windshield, it was in Edmonton.

And those little chips and cracks eventually created a mighty crack that split my windshield down the middle. That’s why I left a few days earlier than expected for my cross-country trip to Toronto — just so I could take a day in Edmonton and have my windshield replaced.

The only thing I asked the universe was to please let me get out of Edmonton without a chip in my new windshield. Thankfully, the universe was on my side.

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