The only Apple product I’ll ever own will be missed … but not yet

iPod ClassicA couple of weeks ago, I thought my long-suffering iPod Classic was finally gone. It accompanied me to a local trade show, and after packing up, it seemed like my little MP3 player had been lost.

Such was not the case, thankfully. I’ve had my iPod Classic for at least eight years. It doesn’t hold a charge like it used to. Sometimes the battery suddenly goes from partially charged to fully depleted without warning or obvious reason. The screen has seen better days. It has felt like it has been on its last legs for years at this point.

But it’s now an irreplaceable piece of technology thanks to Apple’s decision quite some time ago to cease manufacturing of the product line. When my iPod dies, there is nothing (that I’m aware of, anyway) on the market that is comparable.

Most MP3 player manufacturers, including Apple, have shifted their efforts toward engineering smaller systems with touchscreens, as well as wi-fi and Bluetooth connections. They don’t come near the 60 GB size of my iPod Classic — and certainly nowhere near the larger versions that were released a couple of years after I bought my MP3 player.

Considering how long it has lasted and its ability to keep on tickin’ despite being dropped, scratched, banged around and even frozen at -35 C, it’s a remarkable piece of engineering. But it’s likely the only Apple product I’ll ever own.

Eventually, it will stop working or it will get lost. And after that, I’ll have to decide what product would be best to replace it with.

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