Is there (computing) life after Windows?

nowindowsLet’s just say there were many expletives that escaped my mouth. Most, if not all, may have started with the letter “F.”

It all began on Friday when I dismantled my desktop computer. When I finally reconnected it today, I managed to damage the video card input. Now my Windows 10 PC is incapable of showing anything but a muddied blue and purple mess. Everything on the screen is just barely legible … enough to ensure I can do a backup of several important files (my music, natch!), but certainly not enough to work on.

As of today, I am Windows-free … albeit not by choice.

For the next while, my computing will have to happen using four devices — the three-year-old Samsung Chromebook I’m typing this blog post on, the Raspberry Pi I don’t use often enough, my Samsung Android smartphone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. (One of these things is not like the other.)

I’ll be honest. I’ll miss Counter-Strike: Source (good thing I just bought an Xbox One for my video gaming needs). I’ll miss MediaMonkey. I’ll miss Photoshop Elements. And I’ll miss Transcribe (it will make harmonica transcription work that much harder not having it). As for the rest of the Windows experience, well … “meh” about sums it up.

The trick really will be whether I can make these four devices work to my benefit while still being able to maintain the level of computing I have enjoyed.

Wish me luck.


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