“You’ve got to want to do it”

motivation“You’ve got to want to do it.”

It’s a phrase that has come out several times during harmonica lessons with Carlos del Junco. It’s not just about talent, practice and understanding the techniques of playing. It’s about the internal desire to do something. Willfulness, really.

I suppose that goes with anything. There’s that old adage about needing 30 days to develop a new habit, but as I found during Movember last year, you can develop do something for 30 days … yet still fail to truly develop it as a habit.

In November, I aimed to create some good habits. One of those was daily exercise. I walked for at least 20 minutes almost every day in Movember (I believe I missed two days). After a month, my thinking was that I should have developed a new habit of regular exercise, but I found I wasn’t really quite ready to commit to the long term. I didn’t want to do it after Movember ended. The 30 days of doing it daily did nothing for me.

The willfulness wasn’t there.

Oddly enough, it’s gamification that is the real enabler for me. I got a Fitbit for Christmas; and since then, I have been pretty good about getting regular exercise. I’ve had my days off, for sure, and some days I don’t quite hit my goals. But with the Fitbit app, there’s always a new badge just out of reach — and that has helped greatly to truly create a new habit.

Now, if only there was a gamified app for practising musical instruments…

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