Motivation and its ebbs and flows

Demotivational-pictures-motivationalIt seems I only have two levels of motivation. There’s “fuck it” and “let’s do all the things!” Since Christmas, the switch has been way to the overly positive side. I’m smart enough to recognize my motivation levels increased significantly right after I limited my drinking to only a few get-togethers and began a daily exercise regimen.

My productivity hit an all-time high over the last week or so when I kicked off a break from playing video games. I was ahead on my day-to-day work. I practised harmonica every day. And this weekend, I even picked up my guitar and started playing around on a blues scale I’d like to get down pat. I walked almost 110,000 steps in the course of a week.

Then the switch flipped yesterday. I’m also smart enough to take notice of the fact I consumed an increasing amount of alcohol starting on Friday night. I had motivation for nothing yesterday. I got a little bit of work done. I didn’t play harmonica or guitar. I failed to walk on the treadmill. And by the time I had friends over for the evening, there was a whole lot of “fuck it” going around.

I’m not going to blame it all on having a few drinks over the weekend. And I’m certainly not going to give you a “woe is me” kind of speech.

The challenge is to find a way to flip the switch again and return to my previous high. Exercise and drinking appropriately seemed to do it before. I figure it’ll work again. I’m also curious how others keep their motivation levels high. Any tricks you’d care to share?

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