Internet of Things? Does that come in a double-double?

BEH-BRAZ-C-2TThe only thing that stopped me from ordering a smartphone-enabled coffee maker this morning was the lack of an Android app (apparently that’s coming soon).

I told this to Linda over an eggwich and a fluffernutter sandwich at lunchtime (I shit you not; I had the eggwich). I didn’t notice any eye rolling, but I could certainly imagine it. I could almost feel it.

Years of being a geek has turned me — at least a little bit — into someone who is far too fascinated with corny and potentially useless technology. Not really sure how this happened. I remember making fun of the Internet-enabled fridge NEC showed off back in the late 1990s.

Somehow over the years, though, Internet-enabled refrigerator transitioned from “that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” to “I wonder if it gets Netflix.” I’ll blame the growing Internet of Things trend.

But back to the smartphone-enabled coffee maker… If the idea of activating your coffee pot from anywhere in your home is appealing to you too, check out the Behmor Brewer … and its companion, the new smartphone-enabled Behmor Roaster (coming soon!). When the Android app launches this month, assuming schedules are kept, I’ll likely be adding the coffee maker to our increasingly cluttered kitchen counter. But hey, at least I’ll be replacing an older (and thus inferior) appliance.

After all, what geek doesn’t want the ability to set the exact temperature of his coffee while he’s brushing his teeth?

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