I may have a problem

I am a serial hobbyist.

Always have been.

I was at one time into period fencing and have the schlager blade to prove it. It’s collecting dust in my parents’ basement. I own three guitars, but I can really only play three or four chords. I have half a dozen harmonicas. At least I can play a bit, but after more than three years of playing, I should be a lot further along than I am. I can’t count the number of video games and consoles I’ve owned and played over the years.

Then turn to my tabletop hobbies. I own several miniatures games, and I even got into painting some of them. For awhile, anyway. My board game collection was once pushing 300 titles. My RPG collection surpassed that number years ago.

I probably have $2,000 worth of photography equipment. Most of it is digital. Some of it is 35mm. You would be correct if you guessed it did not see enough use during 2014.

I have juggling balls and bats. I can juggle the balls, but the bats? Not so much.

I briefly tried stamp collecting as a child.

And I’m sure I’m missing a handful of hobbies that I once had … or still do. And I’m always looking for more (check it: my current reading list includes Knitting For Dummies and Crocheting For Dummies).

Why do I bring this up? Well, it’s the beginning of the new year. Although I’m not much for new year’s resolutions, I do like to set goals for myself (that I will inevitably fail to achieve, of course). And this year, most of my goals have to do with my hobbies — y’know, when they don’t involve my career, improving my finances, losing weight or drinking less.

I have narrowed my list of hobbies a bit more, but I need to spend more time with them. So let’s get to a top five list, shall we?

  1. Play the harmonica every freakin’ day.  I’m not off to a good start for the year, but by the end of the year, dammit, I will be able to get on stage and jam with a band. Whether anyone will let me is another story, of course.
  2. Play the guitar somewhat frequently. This musical hobby is a little more up in the air, as I want my main focus to be the harmonica. But guitar? Hells, yes, I want to be able to play better. “Better” is subjective.
  3. Play more board games. I’m doing well on this, but I actually want to play deeper games and get back into wargames. Even if I have to play solitaire, it will happen.
  4. Give knitting and crocheting a try. Sure, why settle for one new hobby when you can have two similar ones, right?
  5. Shoot more photos. Of all of my hobbies, the one I keep coming back to over and over again is photography. And it’s also the one I probably most enjoy. In 2014, I didn’t do as much shooting as I have the previous couple of years. This year is going to be different.

Stay tuned for more frequent (hopefully) updates on what I’m up to.


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