The mid-Movember update

154139LOGOIf you’ve seen me in the last couple of weeks, you know there is no beautiful moustache adorning my face. Not this year. But I’m still participating in Movember.

Much to my girlfriend’s joy, I promised I would not grow a mo this year, but thanks to a new program from the Movember Foundation, I can still participate with all my mo bros and sistas. And it’s a program that fits me a lot better than a Tom Selleck-like hairy lip did.

MOVE is this year’s new addition to Movember, considered by some the year’s ugliest month (but to hell with those people). With MOVE, mo bros and sistas are challenged to get fit (or at least get fitter) by walking, running, swimming, playing sports or doing anything to get their asses off the couch and … well, move.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this year. I even started a day early, getting a walk on the treadmill in on Hallowe’en. And I’ve been at it steadily every day, with at least 20 minutes of walking (and sometimes up to 90) every day.

But now we’re almost two weeks into Movember and I’m ready to step it up a bit.

There was a time many years (and several pounds) ago that I took up running, only to have my good habits die hard because of rolled ankles on broken sidewalks and uneven roads. I’m not quite ready for a solid 20-minute run, of course, but I’m reading up on interval training now and planning to begin training toward 5K starting today.

MOVE is probably the best idea the Movember Foundation folks have had since … well, Movember. It probably stands the best chance of breaking some old, bad habits I’ve had for a long time. Can I get to 5K? We shall see.

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