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A little jam practice on a December day

I actually uploaded this video to YouTube back in December 2015 shortly after I recorded it. Basically, it’s me jamming along to a BadAss Harmonica jam track in the key of G (so I’m on a C harmonica … a Hohner Marine Band, to be specific). I’m still a little shy about playing in public,… Read More ›

The only Apple product I’ll ever own will be missed … but not yet

A couple of weeks ago, I thought my long-suffering iPod Classic was finally gone. It accompanied me to a local trade show, and after packing up, it seemed like my little MP3 player had been lost. Such was not the case, thankfully. I’ve had my iPod Classic for at least eight years. It doesn’t hold a charge like it used… Read More ›

“You’ve got to want to do it”

“You’ve got to want to do it.” It’s a phrase that has come out several times during harmonica lessons with Carlos del Junco. It’s not just about talent, practice and understanding the techniques of playing. It’s about the internal desire to do something. Willfulness, really. I suppose that goes with anything. There’s that old adage about needing… Read More ›

Motivation and its ebbs and flows

It seems I only have two levels of motivation. There’s “fuck it” and “let’s do all the things!” Since Christmas, the switch has been way to the overly positive side. I’m smart enough to recognize my motivation levels increased significantly right after I limited my drinking to only a few get-togethers and began a daily exercise regimen. My productivity hit an all-time… Read More ›

Why I failed at guitar lessons as a teenager

I know what you’re thinking. I failed at guitar lessons because I was a teenager — and teenagers frequently can’t commit to something. And although there’s probably some truth to that, it goes a bit deeper and really comes down to my expectations, which can best be summed up at “utterly ridiculous.” My first year of guitar… Read More ›

Enforcing good habits in harmonica practice

The reason I stopped taking guitar lessons as a teenager is simple. My practice schedule wasn’t just poor; it was non-existent. And when your parents are paying good money for your lessons, there comes a time when they feel they’re just pouring cash down the proverbial drain. As a harmonica player, my practice schedule runs the… Read More ›

That’s some Monster harp playing right there

It has been awhile since I shared an interesting music find. Here’s one that came to my attention thanks to the SPAH harp-l mailing list. Check out the playing on this one:

The first time you pick up a musical instrument, there’s a kind of magic

The first time I picked up a guitar, I was 12 years old. My parents had finally given in to my requests to take lessons, and they took me to the local musical instrument store-slash-school to rent an acoustic guitar. The first time anyone with an interest in music picks up an instrument can be… Read More ›

My 2016: A year in preview

That’s it. We’re now into the downslide of this decade, heading screaming toward 2020. No brakes. No helmet. And certainly no idea as to what’s coming a little further down the hill. But hey, with predictions articles all the rage the last month (I got my first technology predictions pitch right after U.S. Thanksgiving), I’ll join in… Read More ›