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Thirteen months (and then some)(0)

November 11, 2017

A little more than 13 months ago, I switched careers. About a week or two back, I would have celebrated a year since my last freelance writing assignment was submitted. Since then, I have written very little. My blog has been dead quiet. I haven’t pounded out an article, conducted an interview or even tried my hand… Read More ›

Motivation and its ebbs and flows

It seems I only have two levels of motivation. There’s “fuck it” and “let’s do all the things!” Since Christmas, the switch has been way to the overly positive side. I’m smart enough to recognize my motivation levels increased significantly right after I limited my drinking to only a few get-togethers and began a daily exercise regimen. My productivity hit an all-time… Read More ›

Why I failed at guitar lessons as a teenager

I know what you’re thinking. I failed at guitar lessons because I was a teenager — and teenagers frequently can’t commit to something. And although there’s probably some truth to that, it goes a bit deeper and really comes down to my expectations, which can best be summed up at “utterly ridiculous.” My first year of guitar… Read More ›

Enforcing good habits in harmonica practice

The reason I stopped taking guitar lessons as a teenager is simple. My practice schedule wasn’t just poor; it was non-existent. And when your parents are paying good money for your lessons, there comes a time when they feel they’re just pouring cash down the proverbial drain. As a harmonica player, my practice schedule runs the… Read More ›

The first time you pick up a musical instrument, there’s a kind of magic

The first time I picked up a guitar, I was 12 years old. My parents had finally given in to my requests to take lessons, and they took me to the local musical instrument store-slash-school to rent an acoustic guitar. The first time anyone with an interest in music picks up an instrument can be… Read More ›

My 2016: A year in preview

That’s it. We’re now into the downslide of this decade, heading screaming toward 2020. No brakes. No helmet. And certainly no idea as to what’s coming a little further down the hill. But hey, with predictions articles all the rage the last month (I got my first technology predictions pitch right after U.S. Thanksgiving), I’ll join in… Read More ›

In which I begin the silliness of posting videos of myself playing musical instruments … poorly

Not that I’ve ever actually wanted to be a professional musician, but I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument. When I was a kid, I took guitar lessons for three years. I didn’t practice enough. Today, I own three guitars (two in storage in Pickering; one up here). I can play a few… Read More ›

I may have a problem

I am a serial hobbyist. Always have been. I was at one time into period fencing and have the schlager blade to prove it. It’s collecting dust in my parents’ basement. I own three guitars, but I can really only play three or four chords. I have half a dozen harmonicas. At least I can… Read More ›