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Arriving on a jet plane(0)

September 23, 2016

Almost since I moved to the Northwest Territories — yes, even before I bought a car — I had plans to eventually drive all the way back across the country to Toronto. It was supposed to be an epic road trip in addition to having the practical purpose of getting the rest of my belongings out of storage. It took more… Read More ›

Why can’t windshields be made out of stronger substances?

When I bought a car a year after moving to the Northwest Territories, I started to hear horror stories about chipped and cracked windshields. What I didn’t know at the time was that first windshield in my 2013 Ford Escape wouldn’t take a single hit point of damage from any rocks or pebbles in the NWT. Alberta was responsible… Read More ›

There and back again: A Canadian road trip story

“We could take the road up to Jasper and cross the border into BC,” Linda said when we finally arrived in Edmonton. “That would truly make it a cross-Canada trip.” I rolled the idea around in my head. It would add at least half a day of driving to our (already very long) trip from Toronto back home to Fort Smith, Northwest… Read More ›