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A great cover of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good

Dig Jon Gindick wailin’ away on this tune.

In which I begin the silliness of posting videos of myself playing musical instruments … poorly

Not that I’ve ever actually wanted to be a professional musician, but I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument. When I was a kid, I took guitar lessons for three years. I didn’t practice enough. Today, I own three guitars (two in storage in Pickering; one up here). I can play a few… Read More ›

I may have a problem

I am a serial hobbyist. Always have been. I was at one time into period fencing and have the schlager blade to prove it. It’s collecting dust in my parents’ basement. I own three guitars, but I can really only play three or four chords. I have half a dozen harmonicas. At least I can… Read More ›

A fresh start

A few months back, I switched web hosting providers. And if you’ve stopped by the site at any time since, you’ve noticed a “hello world” post on a blank WordPress 2014 template. The problem? My technical knowledge is rudimentary, at best, and figuring out the structure of a WordPress site and its accompanying SQL database seems to… Read More ›