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Motivation and its ebbs and flows(0)

January 19, 2016

It seems I only have two levels of motivation. There’s “fuck it” and “let’s do all the things!” Since Christmas, the switch has been way to the overly positive side. I’m smart enough to recognize my motivation levels increased significantly right after I limited my drinking to only a few get-togethers and began a daily exercise regimen. My productivity hit an all-time… Read More ›

Internet of Things? Does that come in a double-double?

The only thing that stopped me from ordering a smartphone-enabled coffee maker this morning was the lack of an Android app (apparently that’s coming soon). I told this to Linda over an eggwich and a fluffernutter sandwich at lunchtime (I shit you not; I had the eggwich). I didn’t notice any eye rolling, but I could certainly… Read More ›

My 2016: A year in preview

That’s it. We’re now into the downslide of this decade, heading screaming toward 2020. No brakes. No helmet. And certainly no idea as to what’s coming a little further down the hill. But hey, with predictions articles all the rage the last month (I got my first technology predictions pitch right after U.S. Thanksgiving), I’ll join in… Read More ›

Diving into the world of non-alcoholic spirits with a review of ArKay Gin