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Arriving on a jet plane (0)

September 23, 2016 • Outdoors

Almost since I moved to the Northwest Territories — yes, even before I bought a car — I had plans to eventually drive all the way back across the country to Toronto. It was supposed to be an epic road trip in addition to having the practical purpose of getting the rest of my belongings out of storage. It took more… Read More ›

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The only two reasons I can’t walk away from Windows (0)

Aside from my first computer (if you can call the ADAM a real computer), I have always been a Microsoft operating system user. Back on my family’s 286 in the early 1990s, we ran MS-DOS; and when we graduated to a 386 a couple of years later, we shifted right into Windows 3.1. I’ve used Windows as my primary OS… Read More ›

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Getting the Pi back up and running (0)

After backing up my photos and music from my now wonky desktop computer, I got the behemoth of a tower off my desk and stored safely away in the basement (y’know, to collect dust for the next few years or something). Now my office workstation is much more minimalist. There’s the Pi, a monitor, the wireless keyboard… Read More ›